0014: Lukka – Encounter (2018)

On Friday, November 16th of 2018, Lukka released her very first LP — Encounter — on the independent label, Santa Rosa Records.

The album is a shimmering tale of futile hope — lost in a cosmic wasteland littered with plastic shrines and iconoclastic caricatures.

As you set aside your headphones, you wonder if there really is a connection to that thing you forgot long before. That thing that now feels like nothing more than a fading dream.

 Lukka’s Encounter (2018)
Lukka’s Encounter (2018)

Lukka’s experimental album is an iridescent trip through space and time, and will leave the listener stewing upon the greater mysteries of our ever expanding universe.

Her modern take on each and every track seems to blur the rigid lines between sixties psychedelia and the harder stuff of later decades. All I know is that she’s arrived at the perfect time — lucky for us.

Lukka’s new album is now streaming and available for download just about everywhere, and will also be available to purchase on cassette!

“We are like butterflies who flutter for a day and think it is forever.” — Sagan


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