12 Indie Music Blogs To Submit Your Music To In 2019

Aquarium Drunkard

Based in Los Angeles, California — Aquarium Drunkard is a rather eclectic indie music blog featuring tantalizing daily music reviews, interviews, and features from all sorts of exceptional artists. They particularly dig vintage garage rock, psych-rock, folk, country, soul, funk, and r&b — among many other genres.

The Blue Walrus

The Blue Walrus is an online music publication based out of London, England. They’re obsessed with all things indie. Particularly electronic and folk music. Their vintage site design is very cool, but the fresh music they feature, is even cooler. Check these guys out for some intensely interesting music. We promise you won’t regret it.

The Monday Morning Tape

The aim of Monday Morning Tape is to encourage music recommendations and discourse. MMT gets roughly 200 submissions each week — most of them are from PR reps and other industry people. However, approx 20 each week come from some random person that says something like: “Hey man, I recorded this in my basement with some friends.  It’s our life’s work to this point and we think it turned out pretty cool.  It’d be great if you’d take a listen and maybe help spread the good word.” These are the best kind of submissions according to MMT. Take heed.

Various Small Flames

Various Small Flames believes that music and writing have the power to connect people and help them better understand themselves and each other. VSF shares radical music from independent artists, especially home recordings and DIY labels. In a previous life, this site was known as Wake the Deaf. They’re quite legit. Trust us.

Tome To The Weather Machine

Tome to the Weather Machine is an aloof music blog that was founded back in February of 2009 by Crawf and Ryan H. The blog features an eclectic array of indie pop, folk, and other alternative artists bordering on experimental brilliance. We love these guys — so be sure to give their site a visit!

Spectral Nights

Spectral Nights is a conglomeration — or rather a collective of music fans, not critics. Their site is a space for them to wax lyrical content about bands they like and gigs they’ve been to — from album reviews to new music videos, and so much more — including the occasional intimate interview, festival review, and gnarly playlist. Spectral Nights mainly digs alternative music, but also has a deep love for pop music — and will quote High Fidelity until the end of time. This site is something special.

Obscure Sound

Obscure Sound is an indie music site that was formed way back in February of 2006 out of a passionate love for finding new and emerging quality music. The site’s aim is to provide music fans with the latest and greatest music, preferably from artists nobody has ever heard of. Obscure Sound also offers streaming and/or downloadable audio content in addition to in-depth write-ups and reviews. Most of their content is one track-focused — but with an option for the listener to hear more.

Hearing Gold

Hearing Gold is an independent music blog showcasing emerging artists from around the globe. Very cool music, modern site design, and in-depth interviews here — so be sure to check them out!

Drunken Werewolf

Bristol, UK-based Drunken Werewolf supports independent and unsigned artists of all shapes, sizes and colors from around the world. DW provides daily music reviews, features, interviews and more in a sometimes heated, but always passionate manner. They’re particularly fond of new and innovative music. We implore you all to give them a gander.

God Is In The TV

God Is In The TV‘s core ethos is about giving music fans, writers, and bands an independent platform, regardless of genre, position or hype. If the name of their site is any indication of the quality of their music — well then you will not be disappointed my friend.

Kid With a Vinyl

Kid With a Vinyl is an exceptionally independent music blog devoted to covering the very best new music spanning across many genres and subgenres. KWV is a delightfully quirky indie music blog featuring in-depth write-ups of obscure music from around the planet.

The Owl Mag

The Owl Mag is a nocturnal, handcrafted music blog who has been unearthing diamonds from the rough and amassing credibility in the music world since the early days of digital music. Superb music reviews, brilliant ticket giveaways, water cooler talk, or break-time browsing — The very wise Owl Mag has it all. Some describe The Owl Mag as a bronze medal music publication and gold medal drinkers — but we think this one is a drunken dandy fit for true lovers of all things indie.

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