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Domiciles’ sound is a radical work of sonic artistry; it is an honest manifestation of underground psychedelia gone beautifully awry.

The glowing guitars, blistering tamborine, and raw vocals could make for a Tarantino-esque film score.

Domiciles fresh take on a vintage southwestern sound embodies a piece of the post-modern movement — converging with garage rock and space rock via experimental methods, to create an original texture of authenticity.

Domiciles sound is multi-dimensional in nature, pushing the boundaries and luring the listener to confront the sound in its intended form — raw and authentic vibrations coming from the depths of the underground.

Elvyn Rhud

Elvyn Rhud was conceived when flatmates, Leo Puy and Cassandre Arpin started collaborating musically out of what initially started out as a solo endeavor.

Cassandre later infused percussion and vocals into Leo’s guitar and vocals, which completely altered the sound and direction of the project — turning it into a thing now known as Elvyn Rhud.

The dark and uniquely intense “Orange Is For Love” is a psychedelic anthem to the city they love, the city where they met just two years before — London.

The driving guitars and insistent tamborine seems to pull one down into the clutches of the noxious vocals, consuming you whole, only to spit you out upon an arid piece of desert.

Here is Elvyn Rhud’s righteous — “Orange Is For Love“.

“We are like butterflies who flutter for a day and think it is forever.” — Sagan


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