Jesse Brown

Photograph Courtesy of Jesse Brown’s Facebook

Jesse Brown is a pianist from Saskatoon, Saskatchewan. He is also a father, husband, teacher, and the composer of the Brown’s Notes (a series of books for aspiring pianists). 

His piece “Sadness” encapsulates the emotion of anguish. It’s a dramatic stab at a fleeting feeling of mournful gloom. A melancholy reaction to the viciousness of a cold and hard place. 

The notes tell of a dejected soul lost in an abysmal world of madness. 

But even in sadness, a sorrowful song arises from the depths of despair, and casts light on the alluring beauty of darkness — like a black rose, frozen in the dead of winter. 

“We are like butterflies who flutter for a day and think it is forever.” — Sagan


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Charles Johnson

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