Devon Church

Photograph Courtesy of Devon Church’s Instagram

Winnipeg-born and now Brooklyn-based experimental pop artist Devon Church recently released the whimsical single, “We Are Inextricable”. The song contains sensual lyrics that float through heavy themes of romantic obsession, chaotic dysfunction, and the bizarre nature of the human experience.  

The brawny vocals of Church anchor down a synthetic soundscape saturated with mesmerizing drum machines and delirious, overdriven synthesizers. 

Heartbreak is a very strange thing, and one is often not even aware of the existence of the heart, until it’s shattered into a million little pieces. It takes time for a heart to heal, and sometimes it never really does, so perhaps it’s best to just keep moving forward, and to never look back.

Dreams, however, are inescapable. The one you love most seems to haunt the heartbroken over and over again, until one forgets what was and wasn’t an illusion. Perhaps, life is nothing more than a beautiful illusion.  

“We are like butterflies who flutter for a day and think it is forever.” — Sagan


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