Thomas Hewitt Jones

Photo Courtesy of Thomas Hewitt Jones’ Facebook

Thomas Hewitt Jones shows a lot of heart in his music. The sound of his album Under Milk Wood is consistently versatile as the album’s tracks vary from upbeat to downtrodden. While many artists prefer to dictate the stories within their music with words, Jones weaves stories carried by the narrative voice of piano and violin alone. Jones lets his listeners explore their imagination without lyrics, giving his audience the freedom to create a story of their own. His song “Dreams” is a perfect example of that, as it takes on almost a fantastical element. 

The song starts off slow and melodic before it grows into a powerful ballad with a melody that reminded me of epics fairy tails such as The Legend of Zelda or The Lord of The Rings. However, the storybook aspect of his sound doesn’t exclude “Dreams” from carrying a weight that would fit into a modern tale. There are levels to the song which carry an emotional depth that lyrics simply can’t convey. Sometimes a feeling can only be felt through a melody and no matter how hard songwriters try nothing resonates as well as or feels as true as a smooth, straightforward instrumental melody inviting us to construct an epic of our own.

“We are like butterflies who flutter for a day and think it is forever.” — Carl Sagan