Photo Courtesy of EUT’s Instagram

EUT explodes with raw energy in their track, “Bad Sweet Pony”. The song highlights the band’s fresh take on the alternative genre with recurrent verses and a vitality that is unique to female-led acts.

Balanced drum beats, wicked guitar work and soft keyboard undertones bring this song to the forefront of the post-pop scene, a spot that EUT is finding themselves very comfortable in.

The song’s exploration of a cool, fresh romance inspires a night out with friends, or a day spent getting close to a new lover.

It’s a fun, energetic bop that leaves listeners craving excitement.

As the alternative genre shifts and expands to fit modern trends so does EUT, and “Bad Sweet Pony” is an example of the band’s willingness to try new things while staying true to their roots.

“We are like butterflies who flutter for a day and think it is forever.” — Carl Sagan