24 Indie Tracks of 2018 | Spotify Exclusive

Late Cambrian – Hollywood

Late Cambrian starts us off right by dishing us up a laid back slow burner.

Dolbro Dan – Own Up

Dolbro Dan lays down the traditional folkadelic vibe with his moody, “Own Up”. Willie may need to watch out. This hombre has a set of pipes on him. 

Brother Sports – I’ll Wait For You

Brother Sports silky smooth lo-fi stunner “I’ll Wait For You” sets the mood just right to get things really shakin’.

Minna Lee – A Piece of the Moon

Minna Lee goes full out Sagan on us with her latest track, “A Piece of the Moon”. It’s truly a DIY masterpiece of the near future.

Cards – Hollywood

Cards gets down and dirty with their infectious jam, “Hollywood”. The grit holding this track hostage is astounding.

Daniel Ruiz – I Can’t Believe My Luck

Daniel Ruiz fires off another heartbreaker with his “I Can’t Believe My Luck (I Really Hope I Don’t Fuck This Up)”. We don’t think he will. This is some special stuff. 

The Story UK – The Moon, The Sun

The Story UK enters into a classic state of psychedelia with their hit “The Moon, the Sun”. The comedown here is sensational. Just rivetting. 

Filmosound – Grace

Filmosound encapsulates that sound of nostalgia with a grace never before experienced. They produce a tantalizing sound intertwined with fleeting dreams faded by the memory of someone now far gone. 

Dean Paradise – Electric Wave

Dean Paradise kicks back and delivers a gem with their psychedelic surf jam, “Electric Wave”. It’s a salty reminder to never take life too seriously. 

Great Peacock – Rattlesnake

Great Peacock gets a bit nasty with their infectious little indie pop-rocker, “Rattlesnake”.

Cloud – Heartfluttered

Cloud’s “Heartfluttered” is a harmonic trip into the multidimensional world of sonic sensations. A transcedental journey to that place not far away. 

Dirtwire – Lord Almighty

Dirtwire has a spiritual encounter with his “Lord Almighty”. Eclectic guitars and deep gritty vocals make this track a true child of rock and roll. Trust me. My word is true. 

Soul | Avant – Am-Pm

Soul | Avant pulls it back and kicks the mood down a notch with their inquisitive, “Am-Pm”.

Dream Emulator – Riverside

Dream Emulator follows suit by immersing the listener into a catatonic lucid dream state with their lackadaisical emulation of “Riverside”.

Alex Siegel – Headspin

Alex Siegel keeps the groove churning with his angst and nervous melodies in “Headspin”. This is midnight music. Melodies meant for nights wasted on naive desires and shallow wants. Pure bliss.

Reece Sullivan – A Girl with Red Hair

Reece Sullivan’s gut wrenching “A Girl With Red Hair” cuts deep and leaves the listener to die in a puddle of their own tears. Pour us another por favor. 

The Eagle Rock Gospel Singers – Over Me

The Eagle Rock Gospel Singers harmonious hymn-like “Over Me” is a work to behold. Steel guitar and all. It’s a heavenly treat for all of us mere mortals to enjoy in. Thank you.

Zen – And If I Die Tonight

Zen’s “And if I Die Tonight” is an intimate reminder to try and relish all those fleeting moments. Enjoy the ride, because soon it will all be gone and nothing more than a forgotten memory. 

The Leers – Who The Hell

The Leers snap us back to our supposed reality with their late night rocker, “Who The Hell”. It’s very cool, but we like to dive deep. Onward. 

Sometime Sonny – Like Everybody Else

Sometime Sonny gets a bit groovy with his “Like Everybody Else”a track glistening of an infectious carefree attitude akin to its creator. We like.

The Biology of Plants – Bok Choi

The Biology of Plants is literally that. The manifestation of biologically sound vibrations. An experimental trip into the sphere of natural textures and the cyclical nature of planet earth. You can run, but you can’t hide. Here is, “Bok Choi”!

The Boy Jones – Damned if you Do

The Boy Jones stays true to his roots while simultaneously evolving into a thing only he can dream. But to transcend this wretched place he must find refuge in a new land where he shall flourish and prosper. 

Hearty Har – Psycho!

Hearty Har is back at it again, and this time with their infectious smash hit “Psycho!” Listen and dig. 

That Dog Was a Band Now – Settling Down

That Dog Was a Band Now closes things down with their sweet and poignant tearjerker, “Settling Down”.

“We are like butterflies who flutter for a day and think it is forever.” — Carl Sagan


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