9 Alternative Indie Music Blogs To Follow in 2018


Gorilla vs. Bear is a Texas-based music blog sometimes referred to as the New Yorker of hipster blogs. They blog about relevant artists with no particular genre-specific focus. Gorilla vs. Bear is probably the most mainstream blog on this list but they have such a cool name we just couldn’t resist.


Raven Sings The Blues started in 2006 as a project between three co-workers. Eventually, it fell into the lap of just one of its founders—Andy—who maintains the site to this day. Raven Sings the Blues is dedicated to discovering and bringing to light indie music that has slipped through the cracks. This one is a dandy.


The Blue Walrus is an online music publication based out of London, England. They’re obsessed with all things indie. Particularly electro and folk music. Their old school site design is cool, but the edgy music they feature, is even cooler.


The Monday Morning Tape features mostly good music for mostly good people. Folk, indie, roots music, rock, americana, and the occasional bizarre can’t-quite-categorize-it is the type of stuff they really get into. They post new music every Monday. Chem them out.


Various Small Flames believes that music and writing have the power to connect people and help them better understand themselves and each other. They share music from independent artists, especially home recordings and DIY labels. In a previous life, this site was known as Wake the Deaf. It’s legit. Check it.


BUFFABLOG is a music blog located in Buffalo, New York. They write about music. Buffalo, NY music in particular. They write about other music too, but they like to keep it mostly local. They’ll keep you well-informed about freshly released music and upcoming concerts in the Buffalo area.


EARMILK is an online music publication that attempts to straddle the line between underground and mainstream music. They cover indie, Hip-Hop, EDM, music festivals and everything else in between. There are no duds on this blog. All milk baby.


Wolf in a Suit is a cool site that interviews artists and reviews and recommends fresh tracks. However, they occasionally veer off track and write off-topic about things such as film, fashion, and travel. When I saw this quote on their site, I was sold—“Without music, life would be a mistake.” – Friedrich Nietzsche


Two Story Melody loves music. All music. Their editor—Jon Anderson—has been writing music for most of his life. He’s fascinated with the creative process of music. He wants to comprehend how honest music is made, how arrangements are crafted to convey emotion, and how those certain elements can literally make your heart break into a million pieces. In short, Jon’s mission is to understand how tran·scen·den·tal artists create timeless music.

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  1. Great compilation you equip, i guess i would make a song out of the titles, earmilk is my favourite. Positive and good vibes are familiar to me and most of your recommendations includes pure love.

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